Michael Brown

THE LATIMER LEGACY – Co-Director & Producer

Michael Brown is a multifaceted American television producer and documentary filmmaker. A dynamic career trajectory and an unwavering commitment to storytelling define his indelible mark on entertainment and social activism.

A trailblazer in solo documentary filmmaking, Brown’s acclaimed work includes the eight-part documentary series Haunted State, which premiered on Amazon Prime Video in over 70 countries on March 19, 2019. As the director, executive producer, showrunner, and star, Brown brings to life Wisconsin’s locations’ rich history and paranormal claims. The series delves into the profound theme of communicating with lost family members, combining elements of history, science, mystery, and the supernatural.

Brown’s cinematic repertoire extends to impactful films that transcend genres. His debut film, Haunted State: Whispers from History Past (2014), challenged his skepticism about the paranormal, marking a transformative chapter in his beliefs. Roller Life (2016) explored female athletes’ challenges in flat track roller derby, featuring the Brewcity Bruisers league. This film, a selection at the 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival, showcased Brown’s ability to illuminate compelling stories beyond the supernatural realm. In October 2017, Brown expanded the Haunted State documentary film series with Haunted State: Theatre of Shadows. This cinematic exploration delved into the paranormal claims surrounding four theaters in Wisconsin, showcasing Brown’s versatility as a filmmaker.

In addition to The Latimer Legacy, Michael has several TV and film projects in development, including Conveyance, a documentary television series that centers on a team of documentary filmmakers who investigate unexplained phenomena using science to reveal the truth behind life’s most vexing mysteries. The series stars Moon Bloodgood. Abandoned History is a documentary series examining forgotten moments in history. Finally, Harry Houdini: An American Patriot, is a documentary film that centers on Harry Houdini’s efforts in 1917 to help end WWI – a story that has never been told.

Michael Brown’s TV and film production journey involves artistic exploration, paranormal discovery, and political activism. Through his lens, the stories of Wisconsin and its people, both living and departed, come alive, creating a legacy that transcends the boundaries of traditional filmmaking. As a filmmaker and activist, Brown continues to inspire others to explore the depths of storytelling and pursue positive societal change.

Michael Brown


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